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WASHINGTON STATE DENTAL LAB REGISTRATION INFORMATION: It is now the law that all dental labs that do business in the State of WA register with the Department of Health (DOH). Washington State DOH requested that all dental labs register by January 31, 2021. 
If you have not registered your dental laboratory with DOH, please do so now! 
If you send in the application AFTER January 31, 2021, you will also need to send in your 12 hours CE or your CDT certificate with the application.

Find out more, including tips on completing and submitting your application, here: https://www.wsdla.com/dental-lab-registration/

Additional information can be found on the Dental Laboratories webpage: 

Dental Laboratories Lawhttps://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=70.352

If you have any questions about the WSDLA, please feel free to contact the association office!