Membership Referral Program
December 10, 2013
Would you like to save up to $100 off your 2015 dues? WSDLA has started a Membership Referral Program that allows you to save $25 on your 2015 dues for each member referral you make that results in someone joining our organization*!

Here's how:
1. Talk with a potential member about membership and give them a membership application.

2. Have them write your name and lab name on the application.

3. Help WSDLA by completing the Referral Program form with the potential members' contact information. That way, if they don't send in their membership application, we can follow up with them!

4. Once they pay for their membership, you will receive $25 off your 2015 dues!
*up to 4 referrals can be made per lab/technician to
receive total credit of $100 towards 2015 dues